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Building a Client Avatar

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What’s a ‘Client Avatar’?

A client avatar is a detailed profile of your target customer, that you build using specific characteristics of your ideal customer.

A.K.A. ‘Buyer Persona’


Why do I need one?

• Find more of your best customers.
• Know exactly who you are ‘talking’ to in advertisements.
• Improve your ability to ‘niche’ down.
• Make it easier to identify and find potential new clients.


What does it include?

• Give him/her a name
• What are your avatar’s goals?
• What are your avatar’s values?
• Where does your avatar spend their time?
• What struggles does your avatar have?
• Why your avatar chooses YOU over a competitor.

Client Avatar Worksheet


What do I do with it?

Your client avatar is who you can bounce all your ideas off of. New product? Would he or she like that?

Marketing? What keeps your avatar interested?


Just Remember This…

Knowing exactly WHO you are targeting (with specifics) can help you:
• Find better customers
• Have more effective marketing
• Attract the right type of people
• Come up with new products or services that meet your avatar’s needs
• Understand your customer’s point of view



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