Should I Be Blogging? - KVD Digital - Kyle Van Deusen

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What is a blog?

Blogs are regularly posted articles on your website. They can be informal stories or technical instructions.

Typically displayed in reverse chronological order.

Information that serves your audience and supports your brand.


Not Just for Lifestyle Pieces

Blogs have evolved to be much more than lifestyle pieces.

Blog articles can help support your product or services by: explaining their use, giving real-world examples, case studies, in-depth tutorials, & more.


Benefits of Blogging

Provides credibility & trust in your brand.

Positions you as an authority on the subject.

Fresh content for your website.

Gives you “shareable” content for social media.

Great for SEO.


Ideas to Get Started

You are already an expert in what you do!

Share your knowledge about your area of expertise.

Share a story about something that happened recently in your business.

Answer questions that customers regularly ask you or your team.


Key Takeaways

Not just for lifestyle topics.

Build credibility, authority, & trust.

Improves your SEO and provides you with website and social media content.

Coming up with topics is easier than you might think- you already know the information in-depth.



Hi. My name is Kyle, and I run KVD Digital and own and operate OGAL Web Design in Granbury, Texas. My mission is to help smart business people, like you, learn how to more effectively promote their business online.

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