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What is Content Marketing?

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Content Marketing…

“Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.”


What’s The Purpose?

• Attract attention and generate leads
• Expand their customer base
• Generate or increase online sales
• Increase brand awareness or credibility
• Engage an online community of users


Forms of Content…

• Videos
• Blogs
• Social Media
• Infographics

Essentially anywhere you can publish about your topic online.



Why does it work?

Most of what all of us do online is consume content. When you produce the content your ideal customer is after, they will be attracted to your business.
• Creates brand awareness
• Increases traffic to your website
• Great for SEO



Tips for Great Content

1. Don’t promote your products or services.

2. Create unique new added-value content.

3. Invite dialog and ask questions.

4. Respond to comments directly on your posts or in social media.

5. Find ways to help people who reach out to you.




Just Remember This…

Content Marketing helps drive traffic, gives your prospects something to engage in, increases your brand awareness and helps convert prospects into customers.

Chances are you are already creating content.

Everything is content!




Hi. My name is Kyle, and I run KVD Digital and own and operate OGAL Web Design in Granbury, Texas. My mission is to help smart business people, like you, learn how to more effectively promote their business online.

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